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Fists full of lettuce

 It is a pot of a variety of lettuce plants.

It was planted by my mom.  She has been living with Stage 4 bile duct cancer for at least 1.5 years (that we know of, probably a lot longer).  Standing and gardening are becoming harder as time goes on.

She learned about gardening from her dad as a kid and kept on gardening every year of her adult life.  Sometimes the gardens were tiny or rudimentary, but with the help of my dad , they have become major and, at times elaborate, growing projects over the years.  Now it is a collection of raised beds and regular beds that hold a host of plants, vegetable and flowers.

Something that was clear that first spring with Stage 4 cancer is that gardening would continue in a big way, cancer or no cancer.  It was important to order the seeds and start them inside and get them planted outside, no matter what.

Spending time together in the summer with cancer now consistently involves gardening and following instructions.

Planting, and prepping and weeding and cultivating and eating are how we spend time together as a family.

She gave me a pot of lettuce a few weeks ago. Anyone who grows lettuce knows that you have to keep cutting and eating the lettuce to keep it growing.  

As I placed the lettuce pot on my steps, guaranteeing it lots of full sun and rain, I reminded myself to eat fists full of lettuce as long as I can so that the lettuce keeps coming.  Don't let this lettuce bolt (grow out of control)...or wither.  

Keep eating the lettuce.  

Keep its life going by eating it. 

Don't hold back.


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