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The guardian of crumbs and bits

As the winter set in, the mice returned to their home village.  The castle, at the base of the Escalier Mountain, maintained its reign of the kingdom.  Dominating the landscape and protecting the princess' domain that the peak, it kept its secrets tightly kept.

The mice spread out in search of comfort materials from high and low, although since they had last been there, there had been considerable loss of habitat and provisions.

The guardian of the crumbs and bits, was rather dismayed at the lack of detritus in the main domain, as was the usual expectation after such a long absence from the village, but alas, she quickly turned to her delegation to rectify the problem, dragging seeds and drying husks from back behind the kingdom walls.

The quiet imposed by the castle made the mice wonder what turbulence the summer months had wrought.

Sylvester, the head of comfort material management, was not pleased at all to discover a stable full of characters intent on sticking it out over the…

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