Come on in

The spark that lit the idea of starting this blog was ignited in March when I hosted a co-ed, multigenerational baby shower for my brother and his wife.  In preparation, I took the opportunity to plunge into a spring purge for the first day of spring.  My kids helped me decorate.  The process of disgorging our groaning home of all the bits of paper, mismatched socks and orphan puzzle pieces was cathartic, making way for a celebration of an impending birth but also making me ready for new things. All the clutter has been holding me back. It was like pulling the plug on the cold, scummy bathwater and making way for a fresh start.  The day of the shower the glittery paper and springy colours transformed our stale winter den into a fresh air filled promise.  It has taken several months for that spark to create some embers, I surround myself with so many little pieces of beautiful things but I don't treasure them.  I want to hold those little things and moments up to the light and see them in new ways. As I head into winter, I hold onto those memories to kindle a readiness to more fully embrace who and what I love.


  1. Congratulations erin! This is such a beautiful blog. I love hearing the stories of your kids.


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