Bolded Text

If you are like me, I've become completely addicted to bolded text. Opening my email, I scan the inbox for a sign that someone wants me to know something.  Over the past 5 years, I've also come to hold my breath each time I open my Facebook account, hoping for a red 1 or 2 or 3 in my message box.

I obviously never used to be this nerved up over bolded text.  It is not the same when you read 
do not forget to bring indoor shoes 
when you are reading something on paper.

So quickly, my whole body, my nervous system, has been trained to take in and hold a shallow breath in my discovery of some of this elusive bolded text.  What am I looking for exactly? 

Great news
Something mind blowing

What have I been encouraged to expect?

I just came across this classic movie, The Red Balloon at the library. At only 34 minutes, this charming movie follows a boy through a now non-existent part of Paris, and his playful relationship with a red balloon.

There was the red balloon, bright against the grey dingy post-war Paris backdrop. It invited someone to click on it. To open it. For it to lead somewhere else. Instead, it helped tell a simple,yet elegant, tale of the purity and sanctity of childhood.

Bolded text has nothing on red balloons.