It can be done.

I did it.  I wrote a novel.
I did a lot of other things too, like I found clean pants for my kids 4 out of 5 mornings each week, I usually had a shower and I occasionally had a full night's sleep.
I did it and now I know.
It can be done.I did it and I did not do it alone.  It was a collaborative effort. A friend spurred me on and she wrote one too.  I did not realize how much that would help to have a writing partner, but it really really did.
My family helped me too. My daughter even started writing her own novel in solidarity.

I heard, on the cusp of completing 50,000 words, that the average word count for a novel is 100000, so perhaps I just wrote a novella.
However, I used very underused muscles this month and it felt good.
Perhaps I'll find a need for those muscles sometime, you never know.


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