1 hour photo

I used to take a roll of film to the drugstore or camera store to have it developed. I would come back in a few days to pick them up. If I paid extra, I could come back in 1 hour.  I would look at greeting cards and magazines while I waited.

There was a phase for a while when you actually just popped it into an envelope and sent it away. It was the latest thing. 

Now I wait a second, maybe 2 or 3 seconds, and then there I go, I have my photo.  (Having them printed as a photograph is a whole other matter). I sit on the bus and glance across the aisle. A girl sifts idly through photograph after beautiful photograph on Instagram.  I take photographs to pass the time. To get through something boring. I look down at my coffee cup and get twitchy.

Recently, a friend said she only had one photograph from her wedding. I started sweating just thinking about it, but although she wished for a few more, she wasn't too bothered.

What if I didn't take out my phone one day to take a picture?
What if I looked for looking's sake?
What will I see?
What will I remember?

Just for old times sake I'll let the photographs develop a little longer that day.