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Right now, in this season, everything we eat is either turgid with water or slipping down under the leaves and rotting into the ground. The moisture fills in every vein of kale and rounds out each blood-fillled beet with water logged vitamins, .

We must put what comes off  the stems right into our mouths or can it or freeze it, or share it  if we hope to capitalize on all this pent up moisture and energy because water evaporates baby and every other creature is living more fully right now positioning themselves to take advantage of our waste.

Eat those peas and carrots now while they crunch.
Crunchiness comes at a greater cost later on.


  1. :) PAH!! metoo, all of that.. though i am still hoping that this'll be my year to can tomatoes, the hope is sortof melting off lately... i'm just eating and shoveling tomatoes into the kids... the carrots are already alll gone... making plans for next year... a seasonal hoping, a good thing to grip.


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