Weather Glass

Years ago, pre-kids, I bought my husband a weather glass (otherwise know as Goethe's Device) for Christmas.

It was just one step up from a gag gift, an old timey way of measuring barometric pressure.

We had recently moved to the countryside at the time and we
were still under the delusion that we could hack rural living.

It turns out, despite its fragility, it has endured, the weather glass, not us living in the country. Rain or shine, commute or no commute, it turns out we have a hard time hacking urban living as well.

Now the kids squeal with glee when they notice that the blue food coloured water has started to rise up through its narrow beak.

Storm day!  It doesn't matter if the weather glass is in fact predicting a lot of rain, the kids instantly start cooking up ways to spend a potential snow day.  Hot chocolate, sledding, crafts, playing school, tv, making is all possible.  It is our crystal ball.

Urban/rural? No matter.
Yesterday, we all hit the jackpot.


  1. wonderful! and the heading banner lights up my life!! (extreme, but true.)


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