Yesterday, after a day and a little more away from home, my son and daughter returned.  Soon after, my son asked for a rice cake, something that was well within his reach, Since I was busy doing something else, I suggested he get it himself.  With that, he burst into tears.  With a little cuddling and probing, he shared a minor mix up that had made him "almost" cry before, but he had held it back because he wasn't with us.  I asked him if he had almost cried any other times in the past 24 hours.  He told me about two other times when he was faced with some minor injustice, i.e. his hot dog got cut up, not left whole, and his sister got a seat he wanted.  Then I turned to my daughter. She "almost" cried when March Break was over.
I told them I "almost" cried the day before, during a presentation I was part of delivering on mental health.

My thoughts turned back to learning about Crying Debt from my son.  For some, they feel the need to immediately cash out and get the debt paid off by crying right away, as soon as humanely possible. For others, the debt either does not accumulate, it is paid off in other ways, or it silently compounds over the years.