Garden zone.

Last May 31st, I decided to skip blogging in the month of June.   The weather is finally decent here in June and it seemed like the garden was a better place to be than inside my head and on the computer.Today was another great day and I stumbled into the rat's nest that is our back yard and tumbled down a rabbit hole of milk weed (nasty), a bleeding heart that might lead to my salvation and a business plan (selling flowers from the garden in a paper, hand designed cone, I KNOW, it's brilliant).  I got reacquainted with the clothes pins and the dark soil and breeze rustling the branches over head.  The backyard (especially the path to the oil tank) was a
constant source of stress during our winter, but here it is putting me back together.

I think I'll stay there for a while and come back in July.


  1. Missing your writing !! :) hope June is proving lovely...


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