Fair price

 Have you heard about The Land in Wales?  It is a playground that most of us, at first glance, would say looks more like a vacant lot.  Kids play freely there, able to tend fires, jump on old mattresses, play with garbagey things and muck around in the dirt. In other words, it is the best play ground ever.  I love this Paris playground too. It is simple and unassuming, but I can just tell that its' suggestive cement canvas gets kids reinventing on a daily basis.
The fair came to town and gouged the heck out of us, as usual.  It created a lot of drama, a lot of want and hard feelings (teachable moments?) and after forking over too much money, it was fun for about 4.5 minutes and then it was right back to want and hard feelings.

After the money and patience ran out, we head back to the free fountain which kept creating fun an hour later.

You can't beat free, in every way.