A pinch of this, a smidge of that

Right from his era of breastfeeding on demand, my son has continually made it clear that he feels every morsel that passes his lips needs to involve me.  Long ago, my daughter began to independently retrieve an apple from the fruit bowl or prepare her own cereal.  My son likes food eating to be a collaborative affair. And by collaborative, I mean prepared and presented by me. As a little one, even when the piece of fruit was within reach, he would holler to be fed. I think it's because he likes to be social when he eats and feels that when I send him alone into the kitchen to get a snack, he is being banished.

Lately though, since he's started grade 2, his teacher has been maximizing the use of the school's kitchen garden and he has started to take it upon himself to prepare snacks for himself and us. Last night, he presented a snack to his father of Lunenburg pudding ( a local delicacy, like sausage) sprinkled with cheese, pumpkin seeds and lemon juice.  Surprisingly good, this simple snack, signalled deeper changes--a dawning awareness that food brings closeness not just when you are given it, but also when you prepare and share it.