Hallowe'en vending machine 3.0

For the past three years there has been a version of the Hallowe'en vending machine.  It was initially invented to deal with us monstrous parents intent on stealing Hallowe'en candy. It was a little rough around the edges, but it definitely resembled a vending machine. Put money here, take one candy.

Last year, it was resurrected again.

This year, a full three weeks ahead of schedule, a whole Saturday was devoted to creating the latest version.

Like an Apple Launch, the vending machine version 3 was launched with much fanfare, a little bickering, and a lot of treats (for a price, mind you).

I introduce, generation 3 Hallowe'en vending machine.

Separate slots for pennies and bills.

    Easy to use dispensing slot.

 Plastic viewing panel

This version has improved on earlier designs to dispense candy to greedy parents.