Ready to be soil

Dr. Vandana Shiva came to visit our city a couple of years ago. I remembered her visit when I heard her speak about the Paris climate talks on the radio the other day.

It goes without saying that she was incredibly inspiring.
She opened her speech by saying something like, (I am paraphrasing):
"The sign up there says I am going to talk about all kinds of thing under the security, poverty, sustainability...(meaningful pause, I was waiting for her to self-deprecate and say something like, "that's a tall order"...but, no, she said)
 "good thing everything is connected".

Her full-hearted belief in her own message inspired in me a confidence that even I could do something to improve the world.

One thing she talked about was, her book Soil Builders.  She talked about farming with reverence, that making soil a nourishing place for food and plants  and diversity to flouirsh is noble and is a vital role that cannot be diminished or dismissed.

Even here, on this street, in the middle of the city, soil can be built.  Just like soil can be built to nourish strong and diverse crops, so too can the soil be enriched to grow kids and adults who can withstand stress and strain.

Change is possible. Are you ready to be soil?