Drone View

Looking at things close up sometimes makes things unrecognizable.

My tendency is to zoom in when I take pictures, and afterwards, I sometimes have trouble believing that what I am seeing is the same thing I took a picture of.

I guess I do that in my life too. I tend to thrive in one on one relationships and focus how to make what is right in front of me work, but lately, I have begun to realize that I need to zoom out so I can properly see things.

Zooming in with the lens is soothing, and I guess it makes things more manageable in life too, but an aerial view has its role. I don't know how to operate a drone but I can find some people who can. I can learn.


  1. I relate completely. I find that my macro photography mirrors the detail I tend to put in my writing. Can't see the forest for the trees...


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