UnStructure Class

In the past few weeks, we have been in the throes of a brewing labour dispute between our province's teacher's union and the government.  The simmering pot boiled over last weekend when the government unexpectedly shut down the schools on Monday, citing safety concerns during the planned work to rule actions that the union was set to start on that day.

Parents were thrown into chaos as we all tried to figure out what the heck to do with our kids. Those who could afford it, signed up for hastily created day camps.  People teamed up and took turns parenting each other's kids and some were in the unfortunate situation of having to give up work for what turned out, thankfully, to be only one day out of school.

Luckily one of us could be home with the kids, but to our great surprise, they took a lot of time setting up a curriculum for Monday.  Most of the tasks were internet based, but classes in "structures" and cooking also got thrown into the mix. They asked each other "what would be a good activity for gym, for music?"  I was shocked at how quickly the vacuum was filled and not just by Netflix. The potential of a lengthy stay at home galvanized them with the possibilities for learning off site.  It made me think that while I highly value my kids' teachers, there might be something to unschooling, or at least bouts of it, after all.