Food Colouring Versions

When I first observed my daughter attempting to write in a Mothers Day Card at age 1, I was unexpectedly taken off guard.  I treasured what she presented me.  As time went along, her and her brother's work piled up and, with notable exceptions, I did not necessarily take that much notice.  
Something I have started to miss as my kids grow is the art projects. Far fewer come home with them from school and when they are at home, art projects are not the focal point as they once were.

So when they do take it upon themselves to create something at home, without prompting, I stop everything to admire it .  I walked right out of the house and bought a frame for the one above when I discovered it.
When the other kid noticed the depth of my gratitude, she went about making her own version.
 Just another example of how buying food colouring during a stormy week was one of the best purchasing decisions I have made in 2017 so far.