Homemade Unicorn

Love is a lot of things. It is a lot of things we never expect it to be.

It is making a unicorn costume with a painter's suit and a cone of styrofoam.
It is gluing it together with superglue.
It is gluing it inadvertantly to a near by bucket (and getting a little superglue on your fingers).
It is ripping the cone and the painter's suit off of the bucket and making a big hole.
It is taping the gaping hole closed and supergluing it all over again (and not sighing the whole time).

It is thinking, I hope he isn't embarrassed by his superglued unicorn costume when others show up with Superman costumes.

It is gracefully accepting that because the cone listed dangerously, the homemade unicorn costume had to morph into "garbage man".

It is looking your kid in the eye (and without laughing) agreeing that this unicorn costume can be resurrected at Hallowe'en. It just needs a mane and a tail. We forgot the tail and the mane this time around.