the space between words

Sometimes life gets on top of me.  I am either so busy living my life or coping with something that consumes all my energy that it is almost like I become deaf.

I vaguely notice that something in my body is not working, my knee hurts, or my head pounds.  I tripped over a pile of things when I was sweeping a while back and jumped back up.  10 hours later, I started wondering, "why can't I grip anything with my left hand?"

It was not until a while later that I remembered, "oh yeah...I fell on it."

This deafness to my self causes me to block out pain and work too hard.

The voice of me inside gets so muffled I start doing things based on old information...ways I used to think, old beliefs and discarded notions.

Recently, I've had a chance to unwrap the cotton wool from around the crevices. The wool that was insulating me from me.
The padding that was allowing me to fall flat on my face and not notice until several hours later.

In the process of unwrapping the excess layers, I extracted a lot of words that had not been said because they were so strapped down by threads.

I released them. Not quickly mind you, they were pretty tangled. I released them one by one...with space between them.  They said, "hey          you,           we             have               been               trying to                         tell
             you                something.                                 Are