Holy Ground

I was humbled by a full-size copy of this CNN photo at the Human Right's Museum in Winnipeg last fall.  It is an arresting image. I'm sure I saw it or one close to it before that day in the museum. However, I also am sure my eyes scanned it quickly on my phone or in the paper, and although, I work with refugees and am saddened and hurt by this picture, it quickly faded into the background.

In person, it is impossible to look away.  The hope and desperation co-mingle and cannot be dismissed.

I came across it today and it had an even deeper impact on me.  It looks like the Last Supper or another Biblical tableau--a lesson as old as before we can all remember.  Reach over that chasm.  Take my hand.  You are not a stranger.  Let me hold your children while you find your footing on holy ground.