Circuit breaker

Did you know that our inner voice starts speaking to us at age 2?
Before that, maybe the voice is learning to speak our language or is very very quiet. Or maybe, it is listening intently to everything we are listening to.

After that it has a habit of talking over us, at us, commanding us, issuing judgements and nattering away. It is very used to being ignored.

We are told to listen to our inner voice.  There are times when I do not hear it at all. Sometimes she won't shut up.  Apparently, according to research, she's not always trustworthy. We know from experience it is rarely kind. We learn to tune her out or channel  or amplify her.  Most of the time I like what she has to say,even the smart ass comments. She feeds me great lines.

The other day I felt completely lost.  I mean really really stranded on a street with no name, without a passport in a new town.  The voice was gone.  I thought, it is time to turn off the netflix and get in a car and drive to the beach.  The wires were dangling and fizzing on the way out of town.

I walked down a path parallel with the ocean and I let my inner voice signal to me when it was time to take one of the many foot paths to the ocean.  I walked a little further and the signal came. What was the signal, what words? Don't know. I meandered towards the shore and as I stood on the edge of the grass, two people yelled up at me.  Friends! I scrambled down the hill and chatted with them.  After they left I sat on the sand and watched the surfers tumble with the waves.

I climbed into the car, the wires were synced and pulsing. I guess that voice isn't so unreliable after all.