Shadow Boxing

Lately I've been conscious of all the fighting vocabulary I and many others use.

Fighting a cold, battling cancer, uphill battles...I reject the phrase "fighting cancer". It is just not a fair statement. It implies that there are winners and losers and blames the loser. 

I am also all too aware of all the conflicts I have within myself and between me and others.  I accept that conflict is natural. It is a part of life.  What is not natural is fighting the wrong thing.

Over the past few years, I've been living with more conflict than usual and it is only now that I understand I am not always fighting against the right thing. 

In fact, some fights just weakened me as I "pounded" away at what I thought my problem was. 

Fighting is not fun, but it is not necessarily useless.  Am I fighting a shadow? Am I hitting on doubt and thin air? Who is my enemy or is there even one?

Only pick a fair fight, and that includes any fights you have with yourself.