I just heard this interview on CBC's Q about rethinking the 40 hour work week.  A four day work week could give me more time to take care of things, without sacrificing productivity and earning power. Hmmmmm.

When I do my accounts, I do not include in the tally the following costs that I  incur on a regular basis:
-frozen, then re-heated food
-rotting, limp, inedible vegetables and fruits
-library fines
-artificial lighting
-increased alcohol intake
-"just getting through the day" mentality
-unread bedtime stories
-unwritten Christmas cards and unmade personal phone calls
-unsaid (both difficult and very pleasant) conversations with my husband
I won't add it all up because I am bound to take it personally and feel bad about myself which is not my point.  However, perhaps its time I start doing some new math.


  1. i love this. so very thought provoking. 'what goes untallied...'


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