Flying Lessons

We are trying our best to be "hands off" on Saturdays.  We want our kids to benefit from the fertile ground of doing nothing and getting bored. We want also want to rest. We want them to dig deep out of boredom and create worlds in which they can inhabit for a little while, worlds that are very different from their own.  The trouble is I know staying uninvolved, save for preventing injuries and feeding them, is important to their development, but I keep getting roped in. 

 "Can you help me design a super hero costume?" " Can you make a parachute for me?" "Can you play school with me?"  

I want to spend time with them, after a busy week of not having had that chance, 
but I don't want to play with them.  
There I said it.  
I feel guilty saying it, but I don't think its my role to play with them all the time.  Honestly, I believe they are better off without me as a playmate.

Yes, I can tie the cape around your neck.
Yes, I can secure a parachute.

But what is frustrating for me, becomes frustrating for them too.  No, I don't know what version of a robot doctor you have in mind.  And no amount of getting mad at me and my good intentions is going to produce it.  

You go ahead and make a robot doctor costume without me.  I'll do the tying and cutting. You do the rest.
It's for the best.