Thank you to a great preschool

Thanks for caring enough to listen openheartedly to me and what I have had to say about the world, about slides and  books and balloons and pumpkins.

Thank you for the chestnut tree.

Thank you for helping me take care of myself and seeing myself as a little person with a point of view.

Thanks for supporting my efforts to take care of other people and animals and creatures.

Thanks for not automatically assuming I am straight and for not labelling me "all boy" or "a princess".

Thank you for being careful about what snacks you gave me.

Thank you for trusting that I would create interesting things with paint and glue and beautiful everyday objects.

Thank you for believing in me and not dismissing my attempts to communicate in all the different ways that I can.

Thank you for letting me wear pjs to school two times and for letting me bring my flashlight to school.

Thank you for the obstacle courses.

Thank you for agreeing with me that the world is full of amazing things.

Thanks for helping me see possibilities in even the smallest bead and seed and weed.

Thank you for letting me explore the world with my own questions and on my own terms.

Thank you for showing me that learning is going to be a part of my whole life.