A map to another time zone.

My kids are in the habit of making maps. The maps are not necessarily of places that I am familiar with, but map drawing is a regular part of their activities.  My daughter likes to have maps drawn for her so she can find things (like birthday presents). I like to think that this fascination with making maps corresponds with their emerging concept of time. My daughter has started noticing that some shows that are supposed to start at 6EST, really start at 7 AST here. As their concepts of time develop, their idea that I can be here and you can be there at the same time and that there is an invisible line connecting us is gelling. Two seemingly disconnected points can be connected. Map making also requires that you can visualize a way that cannot be seen all at once.

There is a path.  There are intersecting paths.  They lead us from here to somewhere else. We can get there from here. There is a way to get from here to somewhere else, even if we can't see it.