A song from a home.

There are some birds nesting in our chimney.  On a day like today when the wind is howling, you cannot hear them over the roar. A few days ago though, as the sun drenched the frozen stillness, their cooing was clearly audible as we sat here below.

Their presence raised a lot of questions. Why would they have a nest there when we have fires in the fireplace? Don't they know it's not safe? What about Santa?

I guess it is warm, reasoned one child.

We picture them trapped, stuck in a well.

What do they picture? We are safe, we are warm, we are sheltered from the storm.

As soon as the winds die down, we will listen for their cooing again and wonder about their situation.


  1. oooh, thats neat. maybe now that it is spring, and less likely to spur a fire? they are evolutionary advanced?! maybe? or in great peril because of their fondness for manmade? ah... hm.


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