Trips to the Ice Machine

When we stayed in the hotel, going to the ice machine was a coveted job. It was so important that the kids fought about who would go and they would go often.

Ice machines and the job of retrieving ice are now firmly associated with vacation and good times.

If you really think about it, and they have, there are so many reasons for someone to go to the ice machine. It made me think about all the jobs that I relished as a kid that I now do not give a second thought.

One immediately came to mind.  Picking confetti out of the folds of your cousin's wedding veil (the cousin did not really deem it a necessary job).

The others include: making place markers for Thanksgiving dinner, rubbing leaves on a dirty car to clean it up, pre-selecting and repeatedly re-arranging throw away cups for your birthday party(and lemonade stand) one month ahead of time.

How about you? What jobs did you love to do and have not done for a while?*

*Not sure what category licking the spoon fits into, pretty sure it's not really a job.