Light pouring through it.

I am standing at the curb. I am anxiously thinking ahead.  Kids have been dropped off -- the second the bell sounds signalling it is legally okay for me to walk away from them at the school yard, I run.
From a distance, I must look like a covert spy on a special op, instead, I am just going to the next in a series of pre-scheduled times "I need to be somewhere". 

And then, as I wait impatiently for my drive, I look down. a tiny, fraction of a leaf is standing ever so briefly upwards. This leaf is on its way to an appointment with being carried on the breeze, perhaps it will get swept up with chip bags and candy wrappers and be buried, or perhaps it will degrade into soil and feed the tree it fell from. 

Either way, it is glowing in this moment. It is still and light is pouring through it.

The drive pulls up and we drive off.