Snow type

These last few days a combination of dramatic drops in temperature, a sizable dump of snow, followed quickly by rain produced a snow with a solid crust.  So solid, that even me, a fully grown adult, was able to walk on top of it without breaking through.

Yesterday was the pinnacle of this type of snow.  Additionally, there were stiff peaked snow bank mountains encircling the school yard that the kids happily scrambled up whenever they could.

After supper, the kids declared that they wanted to go sledding.  I was reluctant, but I relented hoping some exercise would help everyone sleep better.

We set out.  The hill was dotted with a couple of dozen kids shrieking down the icy slope.

My kids did a bit of sledding but were a little freaked out by the speed that they travelled.

They gravitated towards the snow piles.

The piles created all kinds of crevices to hide behind.  The snow bank was a fourth person in our hide and seek game, a thrill erupted in my belly when I hid behind a hardened snow clump under the dark sky listening intently for the crunching of an approaching seeker.

As we walked home, it was like we were floating as we walked with ease over the surface of the snow.

That snow type might not come this way again.

This morning the snow is rushing in rivulets down the streets, I easily broke through the surface on my way over the bank to cross the street.