Valentine job description

I seem to recall as a kid valentines were a major ordeal.
I can still picture me sitting at the kitchen table, while my mother patiently sat with me while I copied down the names of my classmates onto whatever valentines became available to me.

I really never gave it much thought.  I never remember feeling thrilled or joyful in the process, one mortifying year, a boy actually took the opportunity to declare his love for me.  It all was so routine (except for the declaration of love) it barely stood out against the snowed in the gloomy February 1980 something backdrop.

For my kids, for some reason, Valentine's Day is a major holiday right up there with Christmas and Easter.  They have for two years now, made and filled in their valentine's with at least 2 weeks to spare.

They have not waited for the class list, they have just made their own.  I learned the hard way last year, that it is important to do a bit of quality control before they get distributed, just in case any one gets left out, but otherwise, I'm so not required.