Sigh language

Lately, my son has been responding to my sighs more strongly than the words coming out of my mouth. He'll ask me for a snack or attention or something from the book order (blasted toy order more like) and I'll sigh (breathe a little too audibly) before (or while) I answer and he'll in turn react with either:  "Never mind." or  "What's wrong?"

He's like a teeny tiny barometer and has been for a while. He picks up on the most subtle tone drop of my voice and responds by changing tack, like a little sailor seeking a headwind.

Part of me loves being known so well, the other part, of course, wishes I were not so scrutable.

However, sigh language is a form of communication, like any other non-verbal language, which is gradually learned and is responsible for conveying way more than our words do.