Grow through cracks.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."-Leonard Cohen

It is easy to take hope for granted.  Most of my days, I have hope without even realizing it.  Other times, when something goes wrong or something goes wrong for a while, I have to feel around for it again. So far, I have been so lucky that I have never truly lost it before.

However, someone I know explained to me once what it is like to completely lose hope. They had to leave their country for political reasons.  Before they decided to leave, something happened first.  They lost hope. It was nowhere to be found. Nowhere. They were empty of it. They tried everything to revitalize it, but it was no use. They had to leave, they had to find hope somehow. And luckily, eventually, they did.

When they told me this story, it made me realize that I had never truly contemplated before what losing hope might feel like.  Thanks to her patient explanation, I have tried to always keep in mind how precious hope actually is.  It needs to be protected and cherished and sometimes we have to find it for each other.