Where do you go?

Do you have access to wifi?

Do you have an active imagination?

You only need one of these to go on a dream vacation.

Especially at this time of year, I have a hard time sitting still. My mind wanders off on a ridge overlooking a deep lush valley, it meanders through a flea market in Paris or stares off into the distance next to a river side temple.

My son and I invented "travel bingo when you are not on a trip", we use google maps in Beijing to locate "car", "bus", "tree".  We travelled to New Dehli's train station to find a "train".

After I watch Broadchurch or Shetland, I immediately add them to my google map route.

Airbnb helps me get settled into a meticulously decorated house in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary or a condo in South Beach or a room in someone's apartment in Brooklyn..

I have a tiny (likely imaginary) view of someone's life in Denmark, Iran and Hungary, thanks to Instagram.

I know exactly which restaurant I will go to when I am either drunk or hungover in London. I keep an eye on the Cherry Blooming Forecast in Japan, I occasionally scroll through the lifestyle section of Times of India.

I have a trove of richly elaborate memories and fantasies I have spent my lifetime storing in my imagination.

When I am in the mood for a staycation, I stare out the window and let my eyes rest on the birds landing in the tree in front of my home.

I love travelling this way. It is hard to get away though.  There is always something in the way of my flights of fancy, time travel and daydreaming excursions.