Cell phone camera gods

I recently took a refreshing and nourishing trip with my mom to two extremely photographed places, Niagara Falls and New York City.  In Niagara Falls especially, you could not not notice the multiple selfie-sticks competing for images along the water front.  People, myself included, crowded together at the look off points to take (near) identical pictures of the falls in spite of the fact that we could easily have just bought postcards depicting it.  It was a way of grasping at the enormity of their grandeur, the oversized scale of their beauty and all the ways they were opening up channels inside us, just like one would expect from an awesome experience in nature.  The falls are awe inspiring and cameras were our feeble attempt to catch the rainbow.

Having said all that, close to the falls there is so much mist that I couldn't actually see through the lens of my cell phone. Time after time, I clicked with no real knowledge of what would come of it. This photo is an example of this blind faith I put in my phone and I take no credit for it (other than for bringing my phone to Niagara Falls).

This picture kind of terrifies me.  It shows the beauty of the falls yes, but it also hints at the massive power behind the beautiful images.

It reminds me of some dreams I have had. Just in the corner of my eye, being aware of a massive whale swimming along side me or in this case a massive tumult of water crashing down next to me. Standing still in the midst of immense power.