We pretty much only have one reliable channel on our t.v.  There are certainly no shortage of entertainment options.  I will always regret ever distractedly handing over my iphone to a whiny someone to keep them going during a long wait, for example. However, when it comes to straight up t.v.,  pbs is really the only channel that provides children's programming, which , lucky for us, is excellent.

Now, Arthur and Curious George and Ruff Ruffman (especially, good old Ruff) and Electric Company are daily staples.  Ruff Ruffman is a like a live action game show for kids 6-12 and the kids do challenges like write a p.r press release on the turkey vulture (whose claim to fame is throwing up) and building a bear proof picnic basket.  My daughter informed me that she would like to audition for Ruff Ruffman and she keeps me posted about how to do so by letting me know what the website is and insisting on how we must make a pilgrimage to Boston where the whole thing is filmed.

One of these days it would be fun to go to The Boston Children's Museum where there indeed is a way to get a bit closer to good old Ruff.  She has an encyclopedic memory when it comes to the characters on Ruff Ruffman, naming off the contestants from Season 1 and 3 and 5.  I can certainly relate, given my urge to pick up and park myself in Manchester to get closer to the essence of Coronation Street characters.

This morning as we watched Curious George construct an automated car wash with random household objects (brilliant!) and orchestrate a "wind orchestra" out of pots and pans and clothes on a line, she sighed, "Boston is so cool."