Butterfly gardening

Once again, as I am every year at this time, I am a little in awe of produce.  I used to garden, and I've discussed my struggles with that before.  However, the later summer days remind me once again why all the work is worth it.  I'm a bit like the grasshopper and everyone who gardens are like the ants.  While I'm chirping and playing my fiddle and swimming, the ants (who are probably chirping and swimming too) are diligently plowing and weeding and caring for their patch.  Right about now, their gardens start to fill with food.  Even the butterflies and bees are in on the action.

I'm almost like the raccoon(without the audacity), hoping to get a munch on that fleshy fruit that I've absolutely had nothing to do with nurturing.  One of these springs, I'm really going to have to start being an ant again or a bee or a butterfly.  Those ants, they sure make great potatoes and beans and tomatoes!