Library card interrogation

My daughter took a book out of the library a few weeks back called Beverly Billingsly Borrows a Book.  At first it did not get much attention but now it ends up throwing us both into a fit of giggles.  It is all about a little girl who gets a library card and then ends up having an overdue book (ghast!!!) and her concerns about having to pay lots of money and/or serving jail time cause her to put off returning the book even longer.  It is great because my daughter really gets worked up about getting in trouble and we've certainly had our share of overdue books.

The funny part though is when she applies for a library card she gets asked questions before she is approved by the librarian.  The writer doesn't elaborate on which questions the little girl gets asked but that has given us plenty of room for imagination and we've thought up a list of potential questions. We really get going.

1. Do you plan on composting this book?
2. Will you scribble in library books?
3.Will you give library books to your friend for her birthday?
4. Will you read library books with sticky fingers?

5. Will you be eating pizza while reading your books?
6. Will you be reading these books in the bathtub?
7.Will you eat your books?

Which books spur you on to freestyle? What are the results?