reasons I write things down.

1. I narrated one too many stories in my head in the grocery store, in the swimming pool, at work.
2.  I decided waking up from nightmares and dreams and still ruminating on them 2 hours later could tell me something different in print. 
3.I feel the need to talk to myself(out loud) sometimes.
4.Being a creative decision maker is a very different thing than being a financial and business and worker decision maker.
5.I could never resist an audience.
6.Someday, it will be cool for my children to read about my inner thoughts and go "ohhhhhh, so that's what was going on."
7.I can't help it.
8.I  called myself a writer and never wrote a word.  Now I can call myself a writer again(and not squirm).
9.There are some beautiful things in the world.  And some unimaginably horrible things.  
10.Now that I've started, I can't stop.