Moments and Seconds

My daughter asked me yesterday, "What is longer?  A moment or a second?" Temporarily thrown off by the question, I was at a loss at how to respond.  My husband supplied, " a second is shorter." Yes, yes of course.  Slowly, I pieced together an answer, talking as I went.  It is measurable after all.   A moment can be a year...a month...a few days or a cluster of seconds.  When I look back at a period of time, I reflect on that chunk of time being a moment, a coordinated series of days or minutes that are held together by the memory we hang onto for a reason.  A moment is only measurable in words or by the unspeakable by one or a particular group of people that happened to experience a span of time exactly the same way. It is either a fateful one or a significant one. A meaningful glance, murmured words or a realization that dawns on us as we witness something that stands out.  It is a way of remembering a time, a still photograph in the midst of a motion picture.

The second is here whether there is a moment happening or not.  A regular beat of time continues along to add up minutes and hours and days and years.  Moments on the other hand, rise up in relief against the monotone drip drip drip of counting time.