Lemonade Standby

 Instead of resisting the idea of a lemonade stand for weeks, and finally giving in,
 I decided that this year I would keep ahead of the curve and have supplies on hand. If the mood arises, as it is bound to do,

 we're ready to set up a lemonade stand at the drop of a hat. That way, all those weeks of ramping up (by my kids) and delay tactics (by me)  can be avoided for what ends up being a very short work day.
Cell phones and debit machines have really taken a bite out of the lemonade stand trade and that tends to be pretty discouraging.  So, we've got the cups, we've got the lemonade crystals, we're ready for when the next entrepreneurial spirit strikes.


  1. what an idea, busting the kids expectations of denial wide open. . . might have to try that one this summer. . . :)


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