Life shifting naps.

I had the best nap once.  My mind still floats to the moment when I awoke from it.  I was lying in a bed in an old cottage. The roar of the ocean could be heard in the distance.  I had been so overcome with sleepiness when the nap settled in, that I bisected the bed diagonally with my body.  As I awoke, I remember my eyes flicking open and staring, upside down, at a wall painted turquoise, bathed in the late afternoon light--slowly remembering where I was and what I was looking at. My eyes rested on that spot for several minutes while I soaked up the feeling of being truly rested. I was exactly the right temperature and feeling awake in a way that I had not for many months.  I felt a seam in my world open. I stood up and walked right through it into a new life.  There was my life before that nap and the new one after.  I was held aloft for hours by its elegant perfection.It must have been good, since I can remember it so well 4 years later.  I live in a quest for another nap just like that one. In the meantime, I practise as much as I can.


  1. lovely. made me smile...slight envy but just flittingly. and a photo to remember ....


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