Breaking the seal

You know those times that still stand out in your memory?
The all-nighters, the times of being stranded with strangers in a youth hostel, the weekends away with people you have just met (and maybe never get to see again).  Can you still remember the buzz of excitement that ran a current through that time?

A time, apart from normal daily life, apart from what you thought was normal before then, but not after.

Do you remember a time, perhaps when you met your partner or someone you once were in love with, when you were cloistered away together in a perfect cocoon of good feelings and mutual enchantment?

Those memories are technicolour in their loveliness, aren't they? The adrenaline rushes through those minutes, those hours shaped by forces that are unforeseeable before hand and indescribable later on.

These bottled moments consist of hands brushing against each other, rising sunrises, epiphanies that get had.

Someone has to leave to get beer, a new person joins you, the snow clears, the sun fully rises, someone has to go back to work or school. The spell lifts, the seal is broken.