Chill Ride

 The summer is often a time of release.  All pent up after months of rain, fog and obligations, we are ushered into a season of non-stop action and fun. There are amusement parks and fair grounds to visit. There are road trips to embark on and late night parties on the long ambitious list of things to do.
The fun is fun. Don't get me wrong.  The din of bbqs and social gatherings and the trips to the beach with friends are what I crave all winter long, and finally it is here and it is great.

However, the part that I seem to persistently overlook is that I still need to rest. My kids still need time gather their thoughts and figure out what they think about things.  After a string of busy activities, my kids often get to a point of frustration and if we go past that point, downright fury.

Summer is a great time for thrill rides and adventures and socializing.
It is also a time to grow and learn and be quiet and amble and sit and think and dream and be alone with ourselves. Outside, in the sun.
The minutes leading up to our visit to the Fort Point Museum were fraught with stress and misunderstandings. The kids were tired and fed up with following our plans. The adults wanted to squeeze in something that would interest themselves.
Within minutes of entering this place, though, the pitch of our voices dropped. The shoes came off, the kids went in separate directions and explored at their own pace. Visiting this beautiful place and observing my kids' reactions reminded me that even in the face of vehement protest, it is important for us to insist that they and we have opportunities for spiritual renewal and time in nature.  It made all the difference.


  1. lovely ...the shoes-off amble...really important moments over here too...


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