Inchoate (adjective) \in-koh-it\
1. to be in an initial or early stage; just begun;
2. imperfectly formed or formulated

2014 has been great so far.  Work got cancelled due to a raging blizzard and I've had room service twice already.  The hotel service here is great.  I get to choose what drinks and toast I want and I just have to hang my order on my door handle. The food gets hand delivered on a hand carved cardboard tray.  
The hotel staff (of now only one, the other one moved onto making slides) has been super attentive.  I should have suggested this game earlier.

The room service service is supporting my resolution to get more sleep. I'm trying to follow the wise advice of Penny Simkin, the godmother of the doula movement, who tells new moms to stay in bed (as long as it takes) until they get a full night's sleep. I scoffed when I first read that, thinking "yeah right, that's so not happening" and I am not a new mom. However, having tried it a few times this week, it is decent advice for anyone who is sleep deprived.  What do I have to do today?  Make chili, shovel some snow and go back to bed. 

 The staff even made me a "Do not disturb" sign. I like the early stages of this year very much.