7 is the new 3

I have a theory.

When a kid turns 3, the qualities that are unique to them make their first prominent showing.

The glimmers of them shine through the strongest since that person had been conceived of and you finally see flickers of them.

 When I think of them, even now, the 3 year old versions dance around their current versions.

More than a few times, when my son was 7, I had to remind myself he was not 3--Not because he was behaving badly, but because the essence of his 3ness was so strong; his playfulness and curiosity and an urgent need to talk things down to the ground.

Now, my friend has another theory; you are never more yourself than when you are 11. Thinking about him or his sister becoming less than themselves after that is the crack through the pre-broken heart I was transplanted with upon becoming a parent.

I have a feeling that even as adults, the 3 and 7 and the 11 year old versions will be charging my knowledge of them.