Agents of Change

Scene from Vicar of Dibley, Season 1, Episode 1
Members of the Parish Council discuss the prospect of having a female vicar.

Mrs. Cropley: ...things have to change, don't they?

Jim: That's right. I mean look at traffic lights, well, if they didn't change there'd be terrible congestion, wouldn't there?

Owen: On the other hand, there's gravity.

Jim: What about it?

Owen: If gravity change, we'd all go floating up into space.

Some changes are instant and irreversible.

Some changes are contemplated for ages before even one minute movement can be detected.

Some of us need agents of change.

The other day, a friend took me to see this beautiful property.

We have been in the midst of a change for a while now, but this was just the little push I needed to speed up the process.

The question when contemplating a change is will this relieve congestion or cause me to float up to space?

Now I see a clearer road ahead, the sky is visible but I am firmly attached to the ground. I am ready to change.