Walk Therapy

 I am really fortunate that I have so many lovely and supportive friends and family members.
I know not everyone is so lucky as I am.
Despite being spoiled with riches, ever since I was a little kid, I have had a really hard time being a friend or a family member that can ask for help.
Even with my parents as a young kid, I would will myself not to cry, not to show upset or dismay.
I know this frustrates my loved ones.  They don't like to see me stressed.

Sometimes, when I am not quite ready for "talk therapy", I walk out my frustrations.  It lowers my blood pressure and helps me get rid of all the excess information that is flooding my system, hitching a ride on the gushes of adrenaline.
Once the adrenaline is down to a trickle, I find myself in a better position to ask for and accept help.