The Days are Getting Longer

After all of the wrapping and unwrapping of gifts at Christmas, I still have a hankering for selecting some goodies to go into little packages and popping them in the mail.  I like planning a surprise to receive on a cold (-20 this morning) day in January when all of the anticipation of the holiday season has come and gone.  It is time to start putting my energy into making a friend feel cosy about winter or dream about spring

I just love this woman, AmberLee 's ideas that I first saw on Design Mom.  She assembles all kinds of inventive packages to send through the mail.  The only rule is that the package has be 13 ounces of less.  Check out her inspiring Happy Mail.  She really triggers some ideas to take my mind off of horizontally falling snow and getting back into the dull routine.

I also enjoy the 13 ounces or less flickr group.  I would be delighted if any of these packages came my way. My favourites so far are both intriguing and made with love.

Here is a care package (I haven't checked how many ounces!) I'm working on right now.  What goes into your care packages?  What is the most surprising package you've gotten through or put into the mail?  

The Days are Getting Longer Care Package


  1. I have loved the care packages you sent Erin, one of my favorite parts was including the tea bags that Molly had drawn pictures around. I think there is something very special about mail, and then mail with a little extra can change your day. Or week!


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