Sleep Pledge

Exploring the wide open terrain and narrow, narrow crevices of twitter, instantly reminded me of something.  Something I couldn't put my finger on.   The feeling of deja vu came  over me as I read tweet after tweet.  The restrictions on characters force you to say what you really mean to say, to paint (in the case of twitter, project) an image, convey a feeling.  It has a rhythm to it.  Finally, after stumbling on a tweet by a haiku poet who puts together a lovely blog called the Red Dragonfly, I remembered, it reminds me of poetry.

5/7/5, 140 characters, Self-contained image.

A very high number of tweets are about insomnia, which is no surprise since it is the reason so many of us cannot sleep.

Sleep like a child
That is my quest for this year
Odyssey goes on